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BHAG - ResultsBI workbook


STRATEGIC PLANNING —BHAG WORKBOOK | Please allow 30 minutes to complete this workbook

At Results BI we recommend "Starting with the End" In other words know where you are going with your company — what your ultimate dream for your company is. Once you know where you are going this provides context for planning your strategy on how to get there. So get started with you BHAG!

The BHAG or "Big Hairy Audacious Goal" is a term coined by business author Jim Collins, It is a meaningful and compelling goal. A vision for the future that ideally inspires everyone in the organization. A BHAG does not necessarily mean your organization needs to be as big as possible, it's about building a "great" organization - however you define greatness.

This workbook is designed to help capture the vision of what your organization could look like in the future when it becomes truly great. It will guide in you crafting your overarching goal - a BHAG statement that encapsulates your Vision. Now get started with the end!

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